About Us
Gr8ROI.com is a subscription-based business development service. We provide our clients access to Leader Development training, a Resource Library, and a Marketplace with best-in-class vendor solutions. We provide TOOLS that work for the small, single-owner business, the growing business, the mature enterprise, and the larger organization seeking a solution to improve their management training platform. We know that organizations are strengthened by the ability of owners and managers to lead with courage, conviction, and of course – the right tools!
Improving YOUR business IDEAS, by providing access to OUR proven TOOLS, to ultimately drive GREAT ROI!
Real Organizational Improvement began in 2014, with the improving businesses that were unable to bring in a full-time, experienced executive. As the need for our expertise grew, we developed Gr8ROI.com in 2016 to provide access for more owners, managers, and business to our training, resources, and connections.
Our Team
The Gr8ROI.com team brings wealth of Executive-level experience gained from spending decades in large and small businesses, from Fortune 500 corporations to small startups. Our team couples their experience in diverse industries, with classic academic training. In fact, the majority of our team obtained post-graduate degrees to round out their skill sets. Not only do we have experience learning about businesses, and running businesses, we have a passion to teach and develop business leaders. Simply, our Team understands business.
Our Commitment
The Gr8ROI.com team is committed to providing high quality knowledge and development solutions to help your business achieve GREAT ROI!