• Do you have a great manager that would benefit from some additional help?
  • Are you starting a new business and not sure where to begin?
  • Are you seeking tips to improve your current organization?

Gr8ROI.com’s Leader Development section has been designed with you in mind. Gr8ROI.com has created content specifically designed to improve your organization through the demonstration of practical business skills, promotion of leadership chops, and fostering an awareness to important business decisions and decision-making processes. We not only try to explain how to improve, we demonstrate that skill in action in our webinars.

Gr8ROI.com trainings are conducted throughout the month – typically during the lunch hour – to minimize the impact to your business operations. If you miss a scheduled training, Gr8ROI.com records our webinars, and allows you to access them at your convenience, any time, day or night at Gr8ROI.com. Training topics include: Business Plans, Hiring & Firing, Budgeting, Strategic Planning, Employee Action Plans, Leadership, Effective Meetings, Marketing Strategies, SWOT Analysis, Job Descriptions, Project Funding, and many more. Trainings will vary in length based on the subject matter. Gr8ROI.com welcomes your feedback on suggested topics to include in future training topics.

Membership at Gr8ROI.com provides you "full access" to our Leader Development, Marketplace, and Resource Library, for a low monthly rate. We know that organizations are strengthened by the ability of owners and managers to lead with courage, conviction, and of course – the right tools!

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